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Yes. It's about time I started a blog.

Updated: Jan 3

Hello! I'm Kat. I'm a writer by trade and an overthinker by nature. I love photographing events, too, especially when fur children are present. Other things I've done for a living? Mall work, grunt work, and kindly phoning folks who also wrote stuff, better known as not-so-good checks. What are checks, you say? That's a lesson for another time, kids.

Katherine Stano smiling and holding her dog
Photo Credit: @tonyadeanphotography

You may or may not be interested to know that I graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in Music. There, I was "famous" for a light, lyrical voice and being the world's worst music theory student. My writing's kind of like my singing---expressive, playful, and wildly magical!* And theory? I still don't want to talk about it.

But first, I grew up in Tennessee! (It's a beautiful state. You should go!) I've managed to keep my Southern accent, which has come in very handy hardly ever. It mostly shows up when I'm blessing hearts. And I bless a lot of hearts.

Katherine Stano snuggling and smiling with her dog
Photo Credit: @tonyadeanphotography

When I was little, I'd play dress-up with an old kiss-lock purse my grandma gave me. I didn't store normal things in that bag, of course! I stored greeting cards! This eventually led me to a life as a greeting card writer. I cannot count how many times I've written I love you, I'm thinking of you, and I wish you were here. And I feel really lucky for that.

If you must know, I also have a schnoodle. Is that a rare European rigatoni? No, friends, it's a very fluffy and scruffy little dog. She's schnauzer. She's poodle. She's literally my obsession. I apologize in advance for all the things you never wanted to know about my dog. If you'd like to write, she reads all of her fan mail.

Katherine Stano holding her dog in front of a city scape
Photo Credit: @tonyadeanphotography

This will be a blog that feeds the creative spirit. We'll talk about writing, photography, music, artistry, and the creative process. We'll talk about schnoodles! Preliminary plans for posts include humor, empathy, and absolutely zero recipes. I hope my voice will resonate with you and that you'll be a better person for it (though, results may vary)!

Because there are a lot of blogs out there, I offer my utmost thanks for choosing mine to read today. And I'll leave you with this:

I love y'all.

I'm thinking of y'all.

And I'm glad that you're here.

*According to one reviewer. Who was my mom. Allegedly.

Photo Credit: @tonyadeanphotography

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