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Hello there.

Good writing makes a difference.

It encourages new thought.

It moves us to action.

It entertains.

With nearly 20 years

as a creative copywriter and author,

I know how words can bring life to any product

and translate an emotion into something worth saying.

I approach every writing project with empathy,
to capture the voice of your brand
and inspire the hearts of your readers.

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Katherine Stano in the doorway of a trolley bus with her dog. Photo Credit: @tonyadeanphotography


My Story

Before anyone becomes a writer,

before they create

that first combination of magical words

or move someone

with what they have to say,

another writer came before them

who inspired them to say it.

And another writer before that.


Writing connects us.


Growing up in Tennessee,

the writers who taught me

are still a part of my work.

Those influencers of imagination

encouraged me to find my own voice,

no matter what circuitous path

life had in store for me.


Those writers stayed with me

on my journey to Ole Miss,

where I got my Bachelor of Arts in Music,

then headed back to Nashville to work at a bank.*

(Also, the mall.)


Those writers stayed with me

when I was lost

and didn't know how to find my niche

and applied to every job under the sun,

including a very well-known spy agency.

(Don’t worry, I’m no secret agent. Or am I?)


Those writers stayed with me

when I drove my little Honda CR-V

all the way up to Kansas City

to start my first job as a creative writer

for Hallmark.


A few decades later,

I’m doing what I absolutely love

and hoping the things that I write

stay with you, too.

*What you do when your dad says,

“It’s time to get a job.”

Katherine Stano by a bookshelf, reading a book to her dog. Photo Credit: @tonyadeanphotography



Katherine Stano in the car with her dog who's wearing a vintage-style dress
Katherine Stano carrying her dog, smiling


I am wildly passionate about the power of words, making language sing, and creating with an empathetic perspective.


Any writing assignment is my favorite writing assignment because I love the challenge of translating feelings and emotions into storytelling, inclusive messaging, or a moving piece of art.


Words are magic and the right ones can make everything better, happier, clearer, gentler, and more beautiful.

Why I Love What I Do

Katherine Stano snuggling with her dog


Dramatic Sunset

I'm also inspired by the ones I love. For instance, you might inquire,"Who is this tiny fluffball of inspiration that seems to go everywhere you go?" Meet Cosette. She's always by my side when I write, especially when I snack, and definitely when it's time for a road trip. Cosette has many talents of her own, but I told her this is MY writing page and it can't be ALL about her. She politely disagreed.

My clients are everything.

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What kind of message
do you want to send?

Thank you for reaching out!

What does it mean to write with empathy?

It means to deeply think about my audience

and how they might see the world...

and to communicate in a way

that makes them feel heard.

It means speaking to the needs of many

while affirming and celebrating the individual.

It means putting my client first

through compassionate listening,

keen attention to detail,

and respect for every deadline.

It means making each project my best project.

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