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5 Cozy Comforts for Writers

Updated: Jan 10

So you've been working from home for a while and those day pajamas are probably getting a little grungy, but your internet shopping prowess is the best it's ever been.

You can feel seen now. Because I, too, hail from the same land of writerly coziness.

As an introvert, I absolutely love the peace working from home brings to my soul. Peace, in the form of quieter spaces, comfier surroundings, and shopping for my next pajama uniform. If you don't have that luxury throughout your workday, it's okay! People that don't work from home are doing all kinds of important, indispensable jobs that make everyone else's lives easier, healthier, and safer. I'm thankful for that! I'm thankful for you.

Working from home is definitely a privilege that I personally try to never take for granted. I wrote from a corporate office for many years, which was also pretty cool because my creative colleagues were pretty cool. (Well, they're still cool, but now they're cool through an amazing internet connection we all share.)

But there's not a lot that tops working from home. Probably since you only really need a top when working from home. (And pants aren't a bad idea should your dog require a trip outside.) One day, our descendants will unearth a pair of skinny jeans and wonder what strange apparel we once wore back in the olden days, before our offices were recliners. I'm sure they'll be aghast!

No matter where you work, write, or find your inspiration, I hope some of these things that help me in my daily world of overthinking will help you to create and relax, too.

Here are 5 cozy comforts for writers that I personally love for my home office:

This post features Amazon Associates affiliate marketing links, which is a fancy way of saying I might get paid a small amount of money if you click on one of those links and make a purchase at no extra cost to you. I thank you in advance, as I have a fluffy, little dog who has very expensive taste. She can't help it. She's a schnoodle.

1. The Laptop Desk That Makes You Look Oh-So-Pro on the Couch

When I was a kid, I had a cute, little red pillow desk. The cushy part was made of beans. I'm not sure why I was so working-remote-friendly back in the day, but when we got the current laptop desk, it reminded me of being a young girl, hoping to become a writer when I grew up. An awww moment for sure, but more importantly, now I can attend on-camera meetings without making everyone seasick with my constant shifting from one side of the laptop to the other.

This laptop desk has a soft bar for your wrists, while simultaneously keeping your computer in place so that it doesn't slide right onto the floor where your dog is sleeping. Because your dog will not approve of a crashing computer disturbing their slumber.

Note: My dog wants you to know she has secured a napping spot far away from her mother who is the epitome of clumsy, but even scarier when it comes to breaking all-things-tech. Thus, the laptop pillow.

Another thing that I like about the portable laptop desk is that it's perfect if you don't have a proper home office or one of those fabulous coffee tables with a lift top. (I've been eyeing one online for approximately three-ish years.) Writing can be a fulfilling and unbelievably wondrous career, but not an overnight-success-so-I-can-buy-that-$1000-lift-top-coffee-table career.

Opting for the laptop desk allows me to work just as well as if I had my ideal, glam writing space. I might not look like I'm in a Pinterest pin, but I can sure as heck write like I am.

2. A Heating Pad That Pairs Nicely with Sweatpants, Fuzzy Socks, and Wearable Blankets

I've gone through many heating pads over the years. These are things I also break!

So far, my new heating pad has been a warmhearted friend through long days on my laptop and listless nights...also on my laptop. It's even slowly lulled me to sleep a time or two, but that could've also been the meetings.

It has a soft, velvety outer layer that's stated as "microplush" and you can't go wrong with the chic gray color. Because if anything's chic, it's a heating pad draped over your robe-laden lounge-wear.

It also has an automatic shut-off for those of us who like to write until we literally pass out. That's no excuse to not switch it off yourself, but a nice safety feature for the forgetful among us. (But seriously, always be extra careful with things that heat up and with your particular health concerns. Double check the on/off buttons just like you double check that pretty writing of yours!)

Add in a snuggly, faux fur throw and a fake fireplace loop, and you'll be writing your next bestseller in no time.

3. Compostable Coffee Pods Because Being Good to the Earth is a Good Thing

I have a ritual. It's called drink-as-much-coffee-as-possible-to-stay-awake-under-the-heating-pad. I use my trusty Keurig machine for this daily routine AND my Starbucks mug I once won in a drawing at my dry cleaner's. It's true. I literally walked in to pick up my now office-attire-relics and they said, "You're Katherine Stano? You won the drawing!" They handed me a box of two mugs, a coffee scoop, and some grounds. This delighted me for DAYS.

But for a long time, I struggled with what to do with the plastic Keurig cups. SO convenient, yet SO plastic-y! I would save towers of them, trying to find some unique craft I could use them for to save the earth. AND THEN...

I found San Francisco Bay Coffee COMPOSTABLE coffee pods! Per above, it doesn't take much to delight me, so this freshly brewed discovery was right up my alley kitchen.

If you have a local composting* company--which I also HIGHLY recommend looking into--you can toss the entire pod into the compost. I'm so passionate about earth-friendly products and composting is one of my favorite activities. (I'm a real crowd pleaser at parties!)

The flavors are also tasty and abundant! My favorites are Hazelnut Creme and Donut Shop, but I haven't tried them all! I'm looking forward to Pumpkin Spice, Blueberry, and French Vanilla.

*If you're in the Kansas City area (or Nashville--I happen to have connections!), please ask me about my composting experience. It's super easy and it makes me super happy to be involved in sustainable living.

4. A Jane Austen Mug, Naturally

Jane Austen mug with famous quotes wrapped around the surface; mug sits on top of a calendar
Photo Credit: @katstanophotography on iPhone

One also cannot have too large a Jane Austen mug.

Jane Austen is an example of a writer whose stories and themes continue to be relevant to readers. I think it's because she wrote about the complexities of relationships and all the feels that result. And no matter what era we live in, our core emotions are timeless and Ms. Austen understood that.

My fellow literature-loving friends gave me a Jane Austen mug about five years ago and it's proven to be one of my favorites. The famous quotes lettered all around the mug charm my fuzzy socks off, plus who doesn't feel especially erudite having tea with Jane.

The mug is sturdy, too. It's been sloshed around in the dishwasher hundreds of times and the quotes remain intact. Much like Ms. Austen's writing.

5. Now, About the Other Jane: Eyre

One of my favorite classic novels is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. I've read it several times and I observe something different each time. I love how that works with books!

Along with many other beloved literary novels, Jane Eyre is available in some absolutely GORGEOUS hardback covers. As a writer, bookshelves filled with inspiring stories is kind of a given, and when the books look extra enchanting, it's just so cozy! I LOVE this designed version, one of Penguin's Clothbound Classics.

It looks perfectly elegant and dramatic along with a few other titles I own in those hauntingly beautiful designs. They also have a nice heft and texture. You've got to have nice heft and texture!

I want all of them.

Making your home as comfortable and creative as possible is part of the writing experience. And it usually only takes the simplest of things!

Do you have any creature comforts that help you to write? Please share in the comments! (I'll be shopping later.)

***Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.***

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Jan 20

Oh, I like the desk laptop!

Jan 21
Replying to

It's pretty nifty, isn't it! I'd love a sprawling desk from, say, West Elm, but my house isn't that big, so laptop desk it is! (Plus, I like sprawling out on the couch better😂) Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!


Jan 14

These are wonderful! My cart runneth over. Seriously, I'm getting the lap desk and mug right now.

—Jennifer F 😁

Jan 15
Replying to

Aw, Jennifer! That is so awesome! Thank you for listening to me gab about my shopping conquests! They had a Charlotte Brontë mug at one point, but now I don't think it's in stock, so I'm waiting for that one to come back, too! 💗


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